Dynamic leadership coaching and powerful communication consulting is at the heart of our work at The Van Fleet Group, LLC. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and with decades of experience in executive development, communications management and editorial services, we provide leading-edge leadership and communications solutions for Fortune 500 corporations and nonprofit organizations. When you’re thinking of leadership coaching, digital communication campaigns, web content and social media strategies, speechwriting, or basic copywriting and editing, think of us--the Van Fleet Group, LLC.

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Thinking of Leadership and Communication

Leaders live busy lives. These quotes and reflections are meant to provide a quick break from their daily deadlines to reflect on the purpose and practice of leadership and how their communications shape their success.

Two Superpowers of Leadership

Our Founder

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Alanson Van Fleet, PhD.

As an executive coach and leadership communications consultant, Alanson works with executives at all levels to enhance their leadership awareness, presence and performance. He brings to this work decades of experience as a corporate executive, entrepreneur and educator. He is a graduate of Georgetown University’s highly-acclaimed Leadership Coach Training Program and credentialed (ACC) by the International Coach Federation.

Alanson's Coaching Areas

Leadership Perspectives

Designed for leaders new to their roles who want to gain a deeper awareness of their leadership perspectives and practices, gain feedback on their leadership performance and explore areas of growth and development.

Leadership Strategies

Suited for mid to senior-level leaders taking on new roles and expandedresponsibilities, as well as leaders moving into new organizations, both are circumstances requiring heightened awareness of organizational complexities, elevated expectations and new leadership approaches. Particular attention is paid to stages of leadership development.

Leadership Transitions

Developed for leaders who seek to improve their overall performance, who may be feeling overwhelmed, out of focus and struggling with relationships critical to their success. Particular attention is paid to mastering the three primary components of leadership: leading yourself, leading your team and leading your organization.

Leadership Communications

Created specifically for leaders seeking to deepen their understanding of leadership communications and increase their leadership presence and influence through more effective communications practices. Our approach is based on our copyrighted Leadership Communication Inventory (LCI) that assesses leadership communications effectiveness and is used to create customized action plans that drive and track improvements in leadership communications.

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Our Lead Communications Strategist

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Elizabeth J. Sweeney

Elizabeth Sweeney has more than 10 years of specialized communications experience in the nonprofit sector. She served as editor in chief of a flagship magazine, authored a decade's worth of annual reports, and led the editorial and design process for dozens of publications, large and small.

Elizabeth's Practice Areas

Strategic Content Development

For clients seeking turn-key content development that translates strategic goals into crisp, compelling prose using a proven process including strategic communication planning, content generation, multi-channel distribution and audience impact testing.

Social Media & E-Communications Campaigns

For clients that can benefit from a smart, targeted social media campaign with website content, email blasts, blog posts and repurposing content across channels.

Publication Design and Production

For clients with a wide range of needs related to the design, content, proofing and production of publications or annual reports. We handle publication design and production from A to Z.

Content Repurposing

For clients who suspect their target audience may not be reading their fantastic 20-page report, we can help translate that content into promotional emails, blog posts, social media posts, infographics, and more to leverage content across multiple communications channels.

Copy Editing

For clients who can use a second pair of eyes on their copy we help provide proofed and polished copy.

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